Hello Bistro

Did you hear? We've sold our one millionth-ish salad!

We are excited to announce that on October 18th, we sold our one millionth salad! (Well, we guesstimated the numbers so we'll call it our one millionth-ish). Thank you to all of our amazing guests that have helped us to hit this historic milestone! Now back to your regularly scheduled homepage content…


Burgers. Salads. Together.

Two delicious eats unified under one roof. Meat eaters, vegetarians, Capricorns, good drivers, doomsday preppers...everyone. Together. The way it should be.

That pretty much sums it up. Well, it kinda sorta does. Yes, we have 55 salad toppings available for you to create your masterpiece. Yes, we've been flippin' burgers for hungry Pittsburghers since 1949 - and friend, trust us when we say that you don't do something for that long without getting preeeetty good at it.

But we don't stop where the burger meets the bun. Typical overachievers, we're serving up grilled sam'iches, fresh-cut fries, homemade soup, and tasty beverages to wet your whistle. So come on in. Say Hello. Eat up. Sit for a spell. Repeat tomorrow.

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