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Romaine Calm! Temporary Romaine & Cauliflower Shortages

Posted: April 20, 2017

Wondering where your romaine has gone? Lettuce explain: Mother Nature has been wreaking havoc on romaine and cauliflower crops, with heavy rains and cold nights in growing regions – and nobody (produce included) likes to be cold and wet. Poor quality has led to supply issues, and we’ve had to temporarily discontinue all romaine lettuce. We hope you’ll still enjoy your favorite salad with one of our other selections of greens. We’ve also had to temporarily remove cauliflower from our salad bar. These supply issues are expected to ease within a few weeks, and we’ll be offering these ingredients again as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding!

Say Hello To Spring Specials!

Posted: April 18, 2017

April is an amazing month for 3 reasons: 1) Warmer weather is here to stay. 2) April the giraffe finally had her giraffe baby. 3) Our new spring specials are here! So make sure to come hungry and try them all including our new Peach & Brie Grilled Cheese and Angry Shrimp Salad. For those who want a high-five for having a heart of gold, order one of our new #GiveSomeGreen items (A.K.A. Our Cucumber-Watermelon Chicken Salad or Buffalo Bleu Burger) and we’ll donate ONE POUND of produce to the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank’s Produce to People program!

Jammin' Salmon Burgers Are Here!

Posted: March 1, 2017

Seafood season is back and better than ever! As a treat for fans of nautical fare, we have brought back our Salmon Burgers for a limited time! Starting today, you can get all the joy and taste of salmon in the convenient shape of a burger. Decide your salmon style and choose from our Avocado Salmon Burger or our Spicy Salmon Burger, complete with a hot pepper relish. Trust us, they're worth swimming upstream for!

Give Back With #GiveSomeGreen

Posted: December 13, 2016

We already know that you’re a gifted, great, giving human and we want YOU to help US give back to our local community through our new #GiveSomeGreen initiative! Here’s how: YOU order one of our #GiveSomeGreens items. WE donate one pound of produce to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank’s Produce to People program. It’s that simple! Since variety is the spice of life, our designated #GiveSomeGreen items will be changing throughout the year, so make sure to look out for the Hello Bistro halo above the name. (SPOILER: It’s shown on the right.)

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Posted: December 13, 2016

Brrr… It’s cold in here. There must be some milkshakes in the atmosphere - our new Candy Cane Shake to be exact. Or maybe it’s our new Winter Greens & Grains Salad that has you feeling so minty fresh. There’s only one way to end this debate: Stop by to try them and our other cool winter specials! P.S. Don't forget to check out our inaugural #GiveSomeGreen items to help us squash hunger in our community!

We did it! One Million(ish) Salads!

Posted: October 20, 2016

October 18th is a date that will go down in history because it was the day that we sold our one millionth salad! (Well, one millionth(ish)…we’re not very good at math.) When the big moment arrived, we had a surprise salad celebration at all four of our locations simultaneously and every guest in the restaurant received a coupon for a free salad on their next visit! (Yes, we announced it Oprah style… “You get a salad! You get a salad!”)

We would like to thank YOU, our wonderful people, who have helped us reach this milestone. It was a day that we will never forget. (Fo’ real… we have it on video.) We’ll see you at the next million!

Millionth(ish) Salad Giveaway

Posted: October 5, 2016

Want to hear the greatest news in the history of mankind?! We have calculated, re-calculated, stopped for a snack break, and then calculated some more and have determined that sometime within the month of October, we will be making our one millionth salad! (Actually, we guesstimated the numbers so we’ll just call it our one millionth(ish) salad.)

To celebrate this monumental occasion, every person on site when the big moment arrives will receive a coupon for a free salad on their next visit! So get your surprise party face ready and keep those streamers in your back pocket because this shin-dig can happen at any time.

Get Fabulous With New Fall Specials

Posted: September 6, 2016

Now that class is back in session, we’re about to school you with our new lineup of fall specials! For those wanting to reach Ferris Bueller level cool kid status, our Sweet Heat Burger will show all your classmates you’ve got the chops to do an epic parade stopping musical number if you wanted to. Aiming to be the teachers pet? Don’t just give them an apple - treat them to our Autumn Apple Chicken & Pear Salad…it’ll guarantee you that A+!

Catering Now Available At All Locations

Want to share your Hello Bistro addiction with the rest of the office? There's no better reprieve from the daily grind than your very own office salad bar! If you have 10 or more mouths to feed (hopefully only one of them is your own), then you’re in luck! Give us a day’s notice, and we can deliver the salad of your dreams – choose from one of our creations, or if your group is feeling creative, build an in-house salad bar of your own choosing. 

What’s the catch? Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day – but our salads can be. We need 24-hours notice for all catering orders. Orders can be picked up at our takeout station or delivered directly to you. (Downtown only!) Check out our catering brochure here, then give us a ring for all the details.

Hello Bistro Gift Cards

For the person who has everything (except, of course, a free pass to heavenly salad deliciousness), Hello Bistro gift cards are where it's at. Get an electronic version here, and have it delivered to your (or your recipient's) inbox within minutes. Or, you can stop in to any of our locations to purchase a traditional plastic card (plus, it's an excuse to treat yourself to lunch!).